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World Tree Nut Production (Metric Tons) – Kernel Basis, Except Pistachios in Shell

World tree nut production continues to raise year on year. Overall tree nut production maintained similar levels to the 2016/2017 season and was increased by 24% compared to the prior 10-year average, adding up to over 4.2 million metric tons (MT). With over 1.2 million MT 2017/18 crop, almond remains the most produced tree nut. Up by 24% over the previous 10-year average, its production has steadily grown along the last decade.

Macadamia was the tree nut that grew the most during this period (47% up from prior 10-year average), partly due to an increment in the planting areas in the producing countries. Walnuts, cashews and pecans also experienced a significant increment over the prior 10-year average of 44%, 32% and 18% respectively.
On the other hand, Brazil nut production went through a significant drop, mostly due to unfavorable environmental conditions.

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