Turkish Dried Fruits

World Tree Nut and Dried Fruit Supply Value (Million USD)

The supply value (estimated as the tree nut production per its unitary price, customs paid upon arrival in Europe) in 2017/2018 added up to ca. 42,000 million dollars, up by 36% compared to the prior 10-year average.

Among tree nuts, the value of cashews this last season was raised by 14% compared to the previous season and 94% against the 10- year average. Macadamia, walnut and pecan value also increased significantly: 72%, 63% and 58% over the prior 10-year average, respectively.

As for dried fruits, table date value experienced the biggest rise both in the 2017/18 season (54%) and over the previous decade average (73%), followed by dried apricots with 19% and 25% increments, respectively.


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