World Dried Fruit Production (Metric Tons)

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Overall 2017/2018 dried fruit production added up to over 2.8 million metric tons, up by 16% compared to the prior 10-year average. Dried grapes accounted for 42% of the world dried fruit share, followed by table dates with 36%. Prunes, dried apricots and dried figs accounted for the remaining 22%.

The biggest increment in production throughout the last decade was observed for table dates and dried apricots, which increased 40% from the prior 10-year average each. In 2017/18, Turkey led the world dried fruit production (19% of world share) as the top dried grape, dried apricot and dried fig producing country. It was followed by the USA (12%), which was the first world prune producer and the second and third world dried grape and dried fig producer, respectively. Iran and Saudi Arabia, world’s second and third largest dried fruit producing countries in 2017/18, were in turn, the second and first leading table date producers, respectively. Chile, which dried fruit production increased by 23% over the prior 10-year average, stood out for its prune and dried grape production.

Source: INC (International Nut and Dried Fruit Council)
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