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Walnuts Market Report – The market is on Pressure on a Global Bases – September 2018

The market is on pressure on a global bases. Roughly all origins need to deal with slow demand, caused by large crop figures and positive expectations for the pending / coming season. In addition, we do see some last year product floating through the market as well, providing extra alternatives for some spot / nearby needs. The limited activities from the demand side are slowing down the actual processing of goods in Eastern-Europe as well. First batches of raw material are available from collection points, but not taken by processors straightaway as collectors seem try to stick in the range of last year’s prices. Exporters fully understand that these prices are far above realistic with California trying to push product at closing in rates. It remains to be seen how wide the gap between several origins will become, currently no origin can be labelled as stable. Despite the overall ‘prices can only move one way’ attitude of most buyers, can some consideration for industrial grades be advised. With high half counts expected / reported from the US / Chile and some signs of darker kernels in Moldova might light pieces become a grade in ‘a league of its own’ this season.

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