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Turkish Sunflower Crop Size has being estimated 700.000 tons in Trakya Region

Cooperative Agricultural and Credit Associations Trakya Region’s Manager stated that they started to buy 2018 crop sunflower they planned to buy 60.000 tonnes of the product in next days.
He also stated that the Turkey is experiencing a good crop size this year.
He stated that sunflower yield has changed between 200 and 250 kilograms per decare, “We have started sunflower purchase for 2018. 700 thousand tons of sunflower harvest is expected in Trakya region in 2018. As Agriculture Credit Cooperative we aim to buy 60 thousand tons of sunflower in Trakya. ” she said.
He also stated that “We will announce our prices in a week, and when we buy sunflower, we will make the purchase first and then we will explain the advance price with the advance prices and we will pay the difference after making the necessary calculations. We hope that our product, our harvest, will be abundant and fertile. “
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