Turkish Pistachio Producers: Crop May Exceed 210.000 Tonnes

The harvest in Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa, which are the centers of pistachio, continues at full speed. Producers are happy with the crop and has high expectations

last year, Pictahio harvest was 50.000 tons. According to the recent news coming from the producers, The crop will be around 210.000 tons this year.

Pictachio prices on the field is around 12,5 TL-13.5 TL and unshelled Roasted pistachio is 35 TL on Pistachio exchange.
Last year, product prices increased to 80 TL/Kg levels. This year, the expectations are that prices will decrease compared to last year.

The producers said that they were satisfied with the crop and prices and the harvest would be completed by mid-September.

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