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Turkish Hazelnuts: TMO Declared Purchasing Prices

Today (26.10.2016), TMO announced that they will start purchasing Levant quality hazelnut from TL 14,00 (current price was 11,5 TL) and Giresun quality hazelnut from TL 14,50 with the beginning of November. They will also pay TL 2 per kg as support payment for the farmers. Thant means farmers can get about TL 16-TL 16,5 per kg.

For the last days, we have very low incoming hazelnuts from the farmers. With the announcement of TMO also free market prices will start to increase.

You can see the current prices in below;
2018 Crop Turkish Blanched Hazelnuts Giresun quality 11-13mm in 25Kgs vacuums at USD6840- p/mtons Fob İzmir.

We expect it is a start and we can see more price rising especially begginning of next week and during the next weeks once TMO starts physical purchasing.

Nobody was expecting this situation as the prices comparing to the last weeks increased around 5% Already.

We will continue inform you about news..

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