Turkish Dried Fruits

Turkish Hazelnuts Production

The source of happiness, energy, health and flavor.
the hazelnut is a delicious food from Turkey. the homeland of the hazelnut the Black Sea region has the best ecological conditions in the world for hazelnut.
cultivation people have been growing hazelnuts on this land for centuries.

it has been exported to all over the world for years. Turkey is the biggest hazelnut producer in the world.

people in the Black Sea region of Turkey have been producing more than thousand tons of hazelnut which are the best quality in the world. Over an area of acres four million people work in the supply chain from the farm to end product distribution who strive to ensure that this holy fruit which is a gift from nature is recognized and tasted by everyone around with the dedicated efforts of the people of the Black Sea region.
Hazelnuts are harvested and then classified according to size in hazelnut cracking factories to produce the best quality hazelnut kernels in the world

a slot kernels are processed in the hazelnut processing facilities where health and hygiene standards are strictly observed. hazelnuts are processed in state-of-the-art processing facilities where production is carried out in accordance with international food safety standards to produce the following forms of end product blanched.

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