Turkish Hazelnut Report: There is Price Uncertainty in The Market – August 2018

Approximately 3 years before the hazelnut prices were being determined in the free market and as a result of producers’ requests, It was decided that the prices should be determined by TMO(Turkish Grain Board).

Despite the start of the hazelnut season, neither the crop amount nor the price is announced.
Hazelnut producers and exporters are waiting for the announcement of the price of hazelnut. Some producers sell a kilogram of hazelnut from the price of 11.5 TL in the free market.

The fact that TMO does not explain prices causes uncertainties in the market. The producer sells at a cost price, while the exporters do not sell hazelnuts to those who want to buy because of uncertainty of price. This uncertainty is negatively affecting the Hazelnut market.

Istanbul Hazelnut and Products Exporters Union chairman stated that the price uncertainty on the market should be eliminated in order to be able to respond to the product inquiries.

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