Turkish Hazelnut prices may exceed 15 TL per KG

The Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers Chairman have reported that TMO (turkish grain board) will enter the market after a short time.

He stated that the hazelnut, which is the main subsistence source of the Black Sea Region, has completed a large part of the harvest and that the dried hazelnuts gradually entered the market gradually.
He said: “75 percent of our hazelnut production goes to export market. Our country meets about 70 percent of world hazelnut production and 75 percent of world exports. Therefore, the price of Hazelnut in our country also determines the world market prices. Now, we look at the free market prices of hazelnut and the prices is between 10,50 TL for per kilogram and 13,50 TL (USD/TL Parity 6,42 on 29.08.2018). These prices are not a price accepted by our producers. Our farmer has done all kinds of care for his garden for a year, using fertilizer, medicine. The low yield of living increased the cost of Hazelnut. Our producers, who were in a difficult situation, were forced further by the foreign firm which, by explaining the price, threw down the markets.”

“TMO will enter the market but the TMO must enter the market at least 15 liras per kilogram considering the cost of producers, inflation and producer welfare.” He said that the prices could rise above 15 TL and that producers should not be rush to sell.”

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