Turkish Dried Fruits

Turkish Dried Fruit Market: Currency Fluctuations Causes Concern

TL v USD rate fluctuating has caused disturbance among the Dried Fruit producers which export products. It is stated that the producers don’t want to sell their products because they don’t know what will be happen in next days and there is a stagnation in the markets. The exporters do not know what exchange rate should they use when pricing their products.
Exporters are also under pressure to ‘lower their selling prices’ due to the rise in the dollar. This problem creates uncertainty for global dried fruit markets.

You can see the rates in below:
USD/TRY : 6,49 (at 07:30am on 30.08.2018)
USD/TRY : 6,79 (at 16:11pm on 30.08.2018)
* One of the reasons of today’s fluctuatins is that Today There is public holiday in Turkey

In generally, it is ecpected that this dramatic fluctuations is a temporary situation.

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