Turkish Dried Figs Has Achieved Record Number of Sales in Season 2017/2018

Turkey’s exports of dried figs in season 2017/2018 amounted to 62.000 tons and reached the highest figure in history with a turnover of $268 million.
In past, The highest amounth of exported dried figs was 76.901 tons, worth 253 million dollars, which was made during the 2013/2014 season.

Most sent to France
France took first place as the country to which most dried figs were exported. To France, $39,321 millions worth of dried fig exports were made, amounting to 8,288 tons. Germany took second place with $32,6 millions worth of exports and $32 million worth of Turkish figs sold to the USA.

Birol Celep, Chairman of the Dried Fruits and Products Exporters’ Union, stated that “Even if we would have 100 thousand tons of dried figs, we can easily market it, especially in the Far East. There is an increasing interest in Turkish figs.
We are working to reach our export targets in 2023 with new markets especially in Far East market.”

As of August 11, exports of raisins which the main export product of the dried fruit sector is 267 thousand tons with a turnover of $ 432 million.
in season 2017/2018;
Dried figs sales amount 62.000 tons with a turnover of $ 268 million.
Dried Apricot sales amount 95.000 tons with a turnover of $ 261 million.
Turkey has achieved sales of $ 960 million with this 3 items.

The season of 2017/2018 is completed for Dried Apricot exports.
The raisin export season will close on August 31 and the dried fig export season will end on September 26.
Total exports of 3 products are expected to exceed the 1 billion dollar in the remaining period.

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