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Turkish Dried Apricot: Export target for Turkish Dried Apricot is around 280 million USD

Malatya, which meets 85 percent of the world’s dried apricot production, is targeting about $ 280 million of apricot exports by the end of 2018. Malatya Commodity Exchange President said that by the end of this year, approximately 100 thousand tons of Turkish Dried apricot will be exported and 280 million dollars will be generated. Especially in September and October, our exports increased by about 500 tons compared to the previous month.

He said that due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate, the sector was partially in a difficult position. This fluctuation caused difficulties in the trade of exporters and importers in recent months. Especially in the period when our exchange rate is high, our companies, after the fall of the exchange rate is seriously damaged in returning to TL.

On the other hand, this year, prices in Malatya are not high due to the high apricot yield. For this reason, the producer who sells his products to the market to sell is very disappointed with the low price. In Malatya Şire Bazaar, which is the market of dried apricots, tradesmen are forced to sell their products at a much lower value than they can find. This year, according to the quality of dried apricots in the Şire Bazaar between 5 and 16 TL buyer finds. The first class Dried Apricot’s price is 16 TL, but the buyer is difficult to find.

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