Turkish Dried Fruits

Turkish Dried Apricot Case – April 2019

Stress for the new season Turkish apricots rise as the new crop expectations is very high.
This year, there will be carry over for apricots and new crop 2019 is expected as much as 150.000mtons.
Together with the old crop, total supply will be record highest forever possibly.
This means the prices will be lower in the new crop. By May, exporters will start offering new crop.

There is an increase compared to the amount of exports between last year and now.
This is a serious growth. In February 9000 tons of export, as income, 22 million dollars revenue.
There are about 2 thousand tons increase of export volume compared with February of last year.
the most important contribution Malatya and comes apricot beginning of agricultural products
Apricots gained European Union the geographical indication products have obtained the certificate of registration.

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