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The Amount of Dried Fig Harvest was Announced

Dried Figs are one of the most important agricultural product in Turkey. In a very short time ago, this product’s harvest quantity is announced.
The results was obtained by the 8 different research institutions and announced to the public by Izmir Commodity Exchange Board Member Özhan Sen.
Last year, the crop was estimated as 78.200 tons but the production was 83.000 tons.According to 2017 records, 61 tons of Dried Figs was exported and 7.000 tons of Dried Figs was consumed in the domestic market. It is thinking that 12.000 tons of Dried Figs are stocked.
On the other hand, according to the Turkey Statistical Institute data, There is also increase on the number of trees which bore fruit in the Aegean region this year. It is detected that 7.435.000 trees were found to give fruit from 8.051.000 trees.
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