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Sunflower Harvest Started in Trakya Region

The crop size of the sunflower in Trakya is expected to increase this year.
It is reported by Edirne Chamber of Agriculture Chairman that the harvest began in the sunflower planted around 1 million decares in Edirne.

Preparations for the sunflower harvest have started since the 15th of August. This year, especially the rains in July effected the sunflower crop very well.

It is also reported that This year, fertilizer price increased by 2 times because of USD/TL parity. There was also an increase in fixed input costs. Because of these, the price of sunflower kilograms should be announced at 2.5 Turkish lira at least.
The sunflower harvest is expected to continue for a month.
According the recent news coming from the region, Our producers are satisfied with the crop of sunflower.

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