Turkish Dried Fruits

Premium Turkish Antep Pistachios

If you still haven’t tasted Antep pistachios, you don’t know the real taste of pistachios. They are slightly smaller than other pistachios with full delicious nutty flavor and great crunch. Each serving is packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats, and minerals.

While the nutritional necessity of proteins, minerals and vitamins found in the Antep pistachio sustains the interest of scientists in this extraordinary health treasure, research efforts yield remarkable findings. The Antep pistachio’s flavor, as well as its nutritional value that contributes to human health, play a significant role in increase in the demand for the food industry. For all those with a sweet tooth, the nature has a gift of Antep pistachio across all culinary occasions from breakfast cereals, dried fruit concoctions and dinner and dessert recipes to the products of chocolate and ice cream as well as candy, jam and Turkish delight industries. 100 gr. of Antep pistachio contains 0 cholesterol. Furthermore, in 100 grams of Antep pistachio, there are 500 mg. of phosphorus, 1020 mg. of potassium, 136 mg. of calcium, 158 mg. of magnesium, 5.2 mg. of vitamin E, 7 mg. of vitamin C, 0.20 mg. of vitamin B2 and 1.45 mg. of niacin. Benefits for our health The Antep pistachio reduces glucose absorption in the small intestine and prevents raises in blood sugar levels. Therefore, diabetics are recommended to consume pistachios.
Also, the Antep pistachio reduces the risk of rise in blood sugar levels thanks to the high rate of unsaturated fat in its structure. As it lacks cholesterol, it helps drop the cholesterol level in the blood. Hence, it decreases the risk of coronary heart failure. The Antep pistachio prevents the liver from fattening, while the phosphorus and iron in its content contribute to the mental development in children. Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in Antep pistachio is effective in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The Antep pistachio has aphrodisiac effects as well.

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