Market of Cashew Kernels – 2019 April is a good Month to purchase Cashews

The kernel domestic transaction price converted to meet AFI standard is currently higher than the export price as the production of most of the small enterprises have not been recovered due to loss of capital from the previous year and the supply of kernels is not abundant while some trading companies have signed contracts earlier, so they are forced to buy at high price to perform the contract when the delivery period is due.

The transactions of kernel purchase are not really attracted as most buyers are waiting to buy at better prices. The transaction situation of cracked kernel and lower level kernel types is also quiet.

Prices will be going up mid April and onwards so please organize your shipments accordingly .
Reference price of a number of types is as follows:
W180: 4.30 – 4.40 USD, W 210: 4.25 – 4.30 – 3.80 USD, 240: 3.70 – 3.80 USD, W 320: 3.35 – 3.45 USD, W 450: 3.30 – 3.40 USD, LBW 3.10 – 3.25 USD, WS 2.65 – 2.75 USD, LP 2.35 – 2.45 USD, SP 2.25 – 2.30 USD.

Côte d’Ivoire Prices decreasing in isolated areas. Farm-gate price: 200 to 400 FCFA/kg (0.34 to 0.68 USD/kg) 

Mali Prices remains stable despite in few areas where they slightly decreased. Farm-gate price: 275 to 350 FCFA/kg (0.47 to 0.6 USD/kg) 

Burkina Huge price decrease this week. Farmers are very worry. Farm-gate prices: 265 to 400 F/kg (0.45 to 0.68

Ghana Prices are steady Farm-gate price: 4 to 4.5 GHS/kg (0.76 to 0.86 USD/kg) 

Benin Slight decrease of prices in some isolated areas but increase where local processors are buying. Farm gate price: 375 to 475 F/kg (0.64 to 0.81 USD/kg) 

Senegal Some exporters started funding but at lower prices than expected. Decrease of farm-gate prices: 400 to 475 FCFA/kg (0.68 to 0.81 USD/kg) 

Guinea-Bissau Minimum prices fixed at 500 FCFA/kg (0.85 USD/kg). 

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