Macadamias, Pecan Nut Kernels and Almonds Market Report – September 2018

The situation on macadamias remains unchanged. There are very few offers around and if so at high levels. There are some offers available from China, but not all customers are so keen on buying it. With Yunnan crop around the corner it will be interesting to see how this crop is in terms of size and quality. Until then the market is not expected to improve and it is most probably wise to cover your needs upto new crop.

Pecan nut kernels
Fortunately the hurricane Florence did not much damage to the pecan crop and prices are at very interesting levels. First new crop is a bit more expensive as pipelines are ‘empty’ but January/February onwards shipments are at attractive price levels. The risk remains that a tropical storm or hurricane can hit the area (as the hurricane season is not over yet). Current prices are based on good supply and it is recommendable to take a certain cover.
In case of interest we might have an opportunity for some quantity of South African Pecanpieces. Offers are available on request.

The Almonds shippers/processors are not so happy with todays prices and are reporting that they have concerns on the crop. Therefore they are reluctant to offer. Buyers are commenting that shipment figures are down a couple of months in a row and awaiting better prices. In August 2018, US exported 8,5% less Almonds than August 2017. Especially demand in Turkey and China is down and this can be explained by the political decisions made and stronger USD. Current price fo NPS 23/25 is usd 2,90-2,95 per lbs basis FAS while Bl.St.5% will be around Usd 2,40-2,45 per lbs.

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