Japan’s Imports of Processed Fruits – Canned, Frozen, Dried, and Others

Japan’s imports of processed fruits – canned, frozen, dried, other – has largely remained steady over the past 6 years. Total volume of processed fruit imports in 2019 was 415 TMT, a 0.4 percent decrease compared to the previous year.
Import value reached over US$1 billion, representing a 4.0 percent increase compared to 2018. The leading processed fruit exporting countries to Japan were China with 46 percent import share, followed by the United States (10.2%) and Thailand (9.8%). The United States has been the second largest exporter of processed fruits to Japan for many years with dried fruit being the largest category.

However, the export volume to Japan has been continuously decreasing every year since 2013. Processed fruit category imports to Japan ranked by volume are led by canned (and other) with 68.6 percent import share followed by followed by frozen fruit 19.4 percent and dried fruit 12 percent.

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