Frozen Fruit Import Volume to Japan

The frozen fruit category represents 19.4% of the import volume of processed fruit. The most popular products used in Japan are individually quick frozen (IQF) products sold in retail format at supermarkets/convenient stores and wholesale to manufacturers producing dessert, ice cream, juice, among other applications. China is the lead exporter with 27.9 percent of import market share in 2019 with other exporting countries gradually increasing their market presence in fruit varieties where they have comparative advantage.

In 2019, the United States (USA) exported 6.5 TMT of frozen fruits valued at US$23.1 representing a 10 percent decrease in both volume and value from the previous year. Over the past six years, while other countries have been growing or maintaining their export volume, the United States has been decreasing export volume annually.

The United States used to be the second largest exporter in 2014, but in 2019 registered as the 5th largest exporter of frozen fruit to Japan. Since 2016, U.S. frozen fruit exports have entered Japan at the highest average price when compared to other exporting countries, which may be a factor leading to this recent decline in export volume.

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