Turkish Dried Fruits

Fennel Seeds

It is generally considered indigenous to the shores of theMediterranean, but has become widely naturalised elsewhere (particularly, it seems, areas colonized by the Romans and may now be found growing wild in many parts of the world, especially on dry soils near the sea-coast and on river-banks. ) Fennel is a perennial herb. It is erect, glaucous green, and grows to heights of up to 2.5 m, with hollow stems. The leaves grow up to 40 cm long; they are finely dissected, with the ultimate segments filiform , about 0.5 mm wide.  The flowersare produced in terminal compound umbels 5–15 cm wide, each umbel section having 20–50 tiny yellow flowers on short pedicels. The fruit is a dryseed from 4–10 mm long, half as wide or less, and grooved.

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