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Apricot Kernels Shell Powder

As a result of the harvesting process of apricot kernel shells, the separation of fruits and shells appears to be the end product.

The harvesting apricot kernel shell is valued in our country and many areas are actively used. Apricot kernel shells has been very high in terms of demand in recent times and very efficient for thermal advantage. Apricot shell used as a natural and environment friendly fuel in terms of its production; industrial facilities prefer highly.
Shells have an active role in chemistry and cosmetics industry and the apricot kernel shells granules produced are reaching end users as skin care products, acne & skin renewal creams and medicines on the market.

They are used extensively in textile manufacturing factories and laundry cleaning & washing factories.


Apricot Kernel Shells
Apricot Kernels Shell Granulated
Apricot Kernels Shell Powder

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