Ukrainian, Moldovan, Romanian and Bulgarian walnut exports (tonnes)

Moldova is a small country (33,846 square kilometres), surrounded by Ukraine and Romania and with agriculture accounting for around two thirds of its economy. Walnuts is one of its main agricultural commodities, with a 6% market share in the international market. It exported 14,870 tonnes worth USD98 mln in 2017 (last year with complete available data), mainly to the EU and Turkey.
Moldovan walnuts have been increasing in quality, although there were some issues about colour, having a high share percentage of amber nuts. “As a result, prices for light grades were quite high and very low for amber to sell out that product,” Michael Stevens of Freeworld Trading told IEG Vu. However, the government has developed a very ambitious organic strategy, encouraged by development funds from the UN and the EU. The area dedicated to agriculture totals 1.9 million hectares, the organic accounting for 3.9% of the total according to Moldovan ministry of agriculture. There were 29,000 ha of walnut trees, with a low yield due to their high average age. It exported 5,274 in-shell tonnes of nuts in 2018, mainly to the US and the EU, accounting for 10.1% of the total organic exports. “The industry views Moldova as the main eastern European organic walnut supplier, its prices being around 15-20% higher than the conventional,” Stevens added.

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