Turkish Sultana Raisins Prices – Sky Cleared in Manisa

Mid April, every facts look positive for Turkish vine fruits. New crop estimations are record high. (around 350.000mtons)

For this reason, new crop deals already took place. For the new crop std 9 Sultana vine fruit prices are at USD2.200/ton FOB levels.

While the new crop looks bright, there is no big attention for the existing crop deals. Especially when the prices are such high.

Raw material prices are below,


Sultanas 8 (+) (Std.)ALAŞEHİR3010,700
Sultanas 9 (Std.) (Med.)AHMETLİ1010,900
Sultanas 10 (-) (Jumbo)ALAŞEHİR2011,500
Sultanas 10 (+) (Jumbo)ALAŞEHİR7512,250
Sultanas 9 (Std.) (Std.)MANİSA23010,900

Current crop offers are also around USD2.200/ton FOB levels. Who will need the quantity before August are obtained these price levels.

But most of the buyers are reluctant, wants cheaper the price and new crop. With this pressure buy the buyers leg, new crop prices may realize as low as USD2.200/ton FOB in August.

Raw material prices are in a way fixed at 8-8,5TL/Kg so its still good profit for the packers.

Now the deal is how soon new crop can be loaded, most buyers demand beginning of August while the packers claim that new crop will not be ready until then, product will be much humid,

quality will be low  according to early cuts on vineyards.

All says existing crop raw material is almost finished but yet, no shock if current crop will even carried over..

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