Tomatoes Paste News: Paste & Juice injects USD 1.67 million to develop farming, harvesting methods

Paste and Juice Company, specialised in exporting tomato paste, aims to invest EGP 30m (about 1.67 million USD) to develop and mechanise farming and harvesting methods, as well as opening a new fresh tomatoes production line with a capacity of 1 000 tonnes.

The company’s Exports Director Mohamed Al-Sisi said that they will develop a full mechanisation system, including plantation, production of tomatoes paste, and packaging.

Paste and Juice Company Exports Director Mohamed Al-Sisi, pointed out that this project’s investment amounted to EGP 30m, adding that 80% of the construction phase has been completed, and is set to start working in the next season.

Al-Sisi added that the company will add a new production line with a capacity of 1 000 tonnes per day, besides the two existing production lines of 700 000 tonnes per day, bringing the total production to 1 700 tonnes per day.

The company succeeded in achieving export growth of 20-25% in 2018 compared to 2017. Exporting was 20 000 tonnes last year compared to 27 000-30 000 tonnes this year and it is expected to reach 70 000 tonnes in 2019, he noted.

Paste and Juice aims to double its exports next year, especially after the increase of production by about 130%. The European markets account for 85% of the company’s total exports, while the rest 15% is allocated for the local, Arab, and African markets.

Al-Sisi stressed that Egypt’s good climate, unlike other competitors, gives a competitive advantage for Egyptian products in the global market.

He stressed that the company has specialists who follow-up on the use of pesticides and the whole planting process.

He underlined the importance of participating in international exhibitions to market local products, and learn about the latest technologies in the agricultural field, stressing that Paste and Juice takes part in all food exhibitions, especially SIAL Paris, Anuga Food Fair in Germany and Gulfood in Dubai.

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