Tomatoes Imports, Exports and Consumption in Belgium

The tomatoes grown in Europe are predominantly consumed and sold within Europe. In 2014, intra-EU trade in fresh tomatoes amounted to 2.6 million tons with a value of €3 billion, meaning an average price of €1.13/ kg. The top 5 EU destinations for fresh tomatoes are Germany, the UK, France, the Netherlands and Spain, according to Freshfel. Last year, extraEU exports of fresh tomatoes totalled 201,000 tons – worth €357 million – with an average price of €0.85/kg. Though exports to Belarus have partially replaced those to Russia, the impact of the Russian embargo has had a big impact on these exports, which have plunged 44% in volume in just two years after totalling
363,000 tons.

The consumption of fresh tomatoes is believed to be very high in Belgium and grow positively annually. The consumption reached 133,645 tons in 2017 compared to 103,872 tons in 2012. On the other hand, the per capita consumption grew from 10 kg per person in 2012 to reach 12 kg/ person in 2017.

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