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Market Report for Turkish Raisins – October 2018

Since the beginning of the crop 2018, (01.09.2018), Turkey has exported around 45.500 m/tons of Sultana raisins until this week (Week 42) . This level is far higher comparing to the last year levels (around 41.000 m/tons). Also average price (for all grades) is around USD1780- p/mtons that level is around USD300- p/mtons higher than […]

Turkish Raisin Crop Size has been estimated 230.000 tons – August 2018

According to recent news from the producers and packers, Turkish 2018 Raisin crop size has been estimated 230.000 tons. In previous research, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock had expected about 261.000 tons. Chairman of the Agricultural Chamber of Saruhanlı District of Manisa says that crop would be around 230.000 tons. Recent news from the […]