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Another local initiative to grow tomatoes in Gambia – Tomato Paste

The managing director of Gambia China Angola Holding Company (GACH), Sait Drammeh, has disclosed his organisation’s readiness to create more than 5,000 new jobs for farmers across the country. Mr. Drammeh, Managing Director of The Gambia’s first tomato processing factory was speaking to The Point recently in an interview. He said that among other things, […]

Tomato Paste production down, what about prices ?

As explained in our recent articles, world production is almost 12 % down from last crop at 33 Millions MT. Is this very low output turning into higher prices already ? In China, the answer is YES ! We are now reaching 800 US $ / MT. for crop 2018 aseptic 36/38 % on FOB […]

Indicative Tomato Paste Prices – October 2018

Products for the industry – CROP 2018 Price per Kg, packed in aseptic bag in 220 l. (55 gal) drum – unless otherwise specified Origin 28/30CB 28/30HB* 36/38CB 12/14HB Diced Crushed Italy € 0.710 € 0.720 € 0.890 € 0.390 € 0.380 € 0.350 Spain € 0.660 € 0.660 € 0.830 € 0.380 € 0.350 € […]

Global Tomato Paste production finally down 11 % from 2017!

According to the latest figures collected with Amitom and other local sources around the world, the World processed tomatoes output will hardly exceed 33 Millions MT. (33.2 Millions MT.), down 11 % from last crop and an astonishing -21 % from 2015. All regions are on the downside except North America thanks to California, up […]

China’s 2018 Tomato Paste production not to reach 450.000mt

According to latest information from our local sources, the Chinese output will not reach 450.000 MT. of paste, its lowest level in 6 years or more. The top 3 processors are : COFCO – 10 factories running In Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia / 8 factories shut down – with about 180 000 MT., Ex-HAOHAN group […]

Italian Tomato production down 15 to 20%!

The tomato industry in 2018 is expected to close with a 15% drop compared to last year, the biggest difficulties having been encountered in the central and southern regions of Italy. Anicav, the National Association of Industrial Canned Foods, reported a 6% decline in cultivated hectares, or 60,500 hectares in Italy. Decrease of the planted […]

Chalkis Company has decided to sell its 13 Tomato Processing Factories

CHALKIS company has decided to sell its 13 tomato processing factories. Only one of their processing units, Y86, was running during the 2018 crop though a renting agreement with a local trader. CHALKIS had grown significantly from 1999 when Mr. Liu Yi took over the group to become China’s second largest processor, only next to […]

Dried Tomato Powder

Tomato powder is the perfect supplement to spruce up any dish in need of that classic tomato flavor. It’s delicious with eggs, soups, or sauces, and even blended in smoothies. Tomato powder is made from dehydrated tomatoes and delivers a rich source of lycopene, vitamin C, and many other protective nutrients.

California Tomato Crop Projections – August 2018

PROJECTIONS Week Ending 4.08.2018 11.08.2018 Weekly Deliveries 1 102 906 1 149 550 Projected Accumulated 3 049 008 4 198 558 * Prior period adjustments are made in the “YTD” column and as a result the sum of the “Week” column may be different from the YTD Total. TONS = short tons (0.907 metric tons) […]