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Roasted Chickpeas

Yellow Roasted Chickpeas

100 gr. nutritional value to (Single roasted or salted) Nutrition Facts: Calories (kcal) 391 Carbohydrate (gr) 60,5 Cholesterol 0 Saturated Fat 1,01 Unsaturated Fat 6,18 Protein 20,09 Dietary Fiber 6,65 Packing Length: 9-9.5MM/10MM Bulk Packing 5,10 KG Cardboard Box

Double Roasted Chickpeas

World’s famaous double roated chickpeas (Corum Region). Leblebi is a snack made from roasted chickpeas, common and popular in Algeria, Iran, Syria and Turkey, and sometimes seasoned with salt, hot spices, dried cloves, or candy coated. Health Benefits of Chickpeas Appetite arbitrator: Chickpeas have been found to help control appetite. Consuming chickpeas as part of […]