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Pistachio Kernels

Red Pistachio Kernels

After maturation of pistachio, nearly the 9th. month, shell of pistachio is separated. It is used in halva sectors and production of chocolate. In the products produced with high sensitivity, stone, shell, foreign matters, damaged kernels are sorted by high-tech.

Mawardi Pistachio Kernels

Harvested between 15 and 30th August and shell is separated. The kernels are coarse and 70% are green. Used in halva and ice-cream sectors. Contain less amount of oil.

Green Pistachio Kernels

Harvested from end of July to 15th August and shell is separated. It is favored because of its unique taste and green color in Baklava and ice-cream sectors. Recently, used for some products in chocolate sector

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

Produced from whole green pistachio kernel by peeling inner skin. Intensively, used in salami, cake and meal sectors and gives unique perspective and taste to added product.