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Almonds, Cashew and Brazil Nut Market Expectations – August 2019

Almonds: Almond market seems way softer than when estimate was released. Very annoying when the Californians try to use all in their power to keep prices high. Remember they have been doing it long before Trump came into power so you can’t blame him for their greed. Cashews: At the moment cashews are very well […]

Pecan Nut Kernels; Market Update

Hurricane Michael was a very strong storm that ran through the heart of the Georgia pecan growing area last week. Production in the state of Georgia can represent almost 1/3 of the entire USA pecan crop. Field representatives are trying to assess the damage, but some areas have lost power and roads are blocked with […]

Walnut Meal

Walnut meal is ideal for use in variations on standard pancakes or for a wide variety of baked goods; whether you’re seeking to create a walnut brownie, blondie or cake- this meal makes it easy to create treats with a full, rich flavor. The meal also offers a variety of health benefits compared to other […]

World Tree Nut Estimated Consumption By GNI – (Metric Tons) Kernel basis, except pistachios in-shell

Tree nut production is mainly concentrated in high and middle-income economies. Throughout the 2007/2008-2017/2018 period, tree nut production was significantly increased in the three types of economies, although at a higher rate in high and middle-income economies (higher slope of the linear trend line). In low-income economies production grew at a slower pace. Overall 2016 […]

World Tree Nut Production By GNI – (Metric Tons) Kernel basis, except pistachios in-shell

To this analysis, producing and consuming countries were classified according to their gross national income (GNI) per capita, using the World Bank Atlas method as follows: • High-Income Economies: GNI per capita of $12,746 or more (Australia, Chile, Europe, USA…) • Middle-Income Economies: (includes both Lower-Middle-Income Economies and Upper-Middle-Income Economies): GNI per capita from $1,046 […]

Cashews Market Report – August 2018

The cashew kernel market is stable during past two weeks, with a slight downward trend. Market in Europe and US are quiet because of summer holidays, however it seems that local markets in Vietnam and India do have sufficient demand. RCN stocks from West-Africa are moving slowly but surely to Vietnam and India. Still quite […]

Organic & Conventional Pine Nuts

Origin: Siberia Type: Raw Pine Nut Kernels – Pinus Sibirica (Organic & Conventional) Available Forms: Whole Pine Nut Kernels, Pine Nut Oilcake, Pine Nut Oil Size: 950 – 1000 (per 100 gr) Packaging: 5 kg x 2 vacuum bags in 10 kg cartons Minimum Order Quantity: 600 kg

Brazil Nuts

Origin: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru Type: Whole, Chipped, Broken Size: Large, Medium, Small, Midget, Tiny Packing: 20 – 25 kg cartons Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 kg