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Green Olives

Carrot Stuffed Green Olives

Natural, green, pitted olives that are hand-stuffed with carrot. The flavour combination of carrot and green olive is a true party pleaser. best used for: A unique and tasty appetizer.

Red Pepper Stuffed Green Olives

The marriage of green olives and red pimento is a classic. Large green olives are stuffed with pimento, the sweeter and more aromatic relative of the red pepper, then bathed in a light brine.

Jumbo Green Olives

These jumbo green olives are sourced from a personal friend’s small farm in Crete in Greece. Dima loves doing business with friends because she knows she can trust their products and always loves supporting their passions too.

Garlic Stuffed Green Olives

Fancy, semi-soft, fruity and vinegary; the pickled garlic and the Olive complement each other nicely. These olives have been mechanically pitted and contain pit fragments.