Italian Tomato production down 15 to 20%!

The tomato industry in 2018 is expected to close with a 15% drop compared to last year, the biggest difficulties having been encountered in the central and southern regions of Italy.

Anicav, the National Association of Industrial Canned Foods, reported a 6% decline in cultivated hectares, or 60,500 hectares in Italy.

Decrease of the planted areas, to which has been added climatic hazards that, since mid-August, have affected the entire national territory, with a significant impact on agricultural yield. Anicav points out that particularly serious problems have been recorded in the South Central Basin, where the worst campaign of the last 10 years has taken place. In addition to lower agricultural yields, we can also note a significant deterioration in industrial yields to ensure quality standards; which will lead to an industrial production of less than 20% compared to last year.

Furthermore, the processing industry has had to cope with increased production costs, particularly the fresh tomatoes, the price being calculated on the basis of harvest volumes. To confirm the paid prices : 85 € / T. for tomatoes with concentrate and 97 € / T. for peeled tomatoes.

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