Dried Fruit Import Volume to Japan

The dried fruit category represents 12 percent of the import volume of processed fruit to Japan. With the two pillars of raisin and dried prune products, U.S exports have dominated imports of dried fruits sector for over a half century and in 2019 still represented 60 percent import market volume share. Turkey is the second largest exporter with 16.2 percent import market share and has absorbed some of the U.S. market share in recent years, particularly in raisin. U.S. raisins continue to stand out in terms of quality, consistency, and reliability of supply.

In 2019, the total U.S. export volume of dried fruits to Japan was 28.6 TMT valued at US$110 million representing a 15 percent decline in both volume and value compared to 2018. The increase in average price of U.S. dried fruit is one factor that has led to this decline imports.

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