Bolivian Brazil nut weekly prices (USD/lb, medium, exw UK))

the Bolivian crop was even higher than the usual average
of 1,400 containers annually.” As a result, prices dropped to USD3.35/lb in December, mirroring the 2016 price level, and unlikely to exceed USD4.00/lb.

Chilean ports of Arica and Iquique have increased their capacity and they are very demanding about delivery times. The only solution is working more to open new markets in the Far East, but it will take a while,” Juan Pablo Casted of the Bolivian trader CCBOL explained.
Prices ranged from USD3.3-3.5/lb fob Arica from January-February, although Bolivian processing plants will be in full swing from March onwards and we will have a clearer outlook on 2019 prices later on

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