24 April Cashew Kernel Prices – Market Seems to have more positive signals

The cashew kernels market seems to have more positive signals. As we know, according to actual figures of previous years, when the price of W320 hit 3.30/lb fob, consumption seems pretty good. This year is probably no exception. When the price of W320 hits 3.30 / lb fob, the quantity of orders has increased markedly. Many cashew roasters and supermarkets have enlisted to order at this price for delivery through. December and for delivery to the first quarter of 2020. Supermarkets in many countries around the world have started to lower prices on the shelves or use promotion policies,

So there is a lot of good information that the consumption of cashew has started to increase sharply, broken Cashew kernels are also very cheap, leading to an increase in orders. With the current good order, it is possible that other traders and roasters will consider ordering so as not to slow down. 

The world will continue to eat cashew and at the current price, it is quite cheap compared to other nuts such as almonds, chestnuts. Potentially, buyers will reduce the purchase of almonds to buy cashew nuts or increase the number of cashew nuts added to the product 

For broken cashew kernels, the current price is very cheap compared to almonds, so it is also expected that the order volume will continue to rise.

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