Almonds, Cashew and Brazil Nut Market Expectations – August 2019

Almonds: Almond market seems way softer than when estimate was released. Very annoying when the Californians try to use all in their power to keep prices high. Remember they have been doing it long before Trump came into power so you can’t blame him for their greed.

Cashews: At the moment cashews are very well priced. Although feeling is that cashews may ease off in the 4th quarter, and the huge purchase of Tanzanian stocks is confusing, remember that if China and USA continue their trade war lowering Chinese demand for USA products, it will cause strong interest in Vietnamese Cashews and prices may increase.

Brazil Nuts: Origin prices have remained stable for a few months. With factories closing, spot market will be fed off goods bought at current levels and therefore it may be a good time to cover next few months needs.

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